Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to Classroom to Counseling

For the last two years, the goal in my beautiful Erin Condren planner (more about planners later) has been, “START A BLOG”.  Why was this a goal?  Because I felt like I needed/wanted a voice.  I had things to say, darn it!  I would scour Pinterest, I had a hidden blogging board, where I would pin and plan my amazing blog.  But as always, life happens, my beginning of month goal sheet became smaller and smaller.  My grand visions of blogger heaven fading into the proverbial sunset.  BUT THIS IS MY YEAR!!! (Thank you for the push, Melanie Acker – thestylisherschoolcounselor and principalswithpurpose).

I think I have read every single post out there about starting a blog.  Everyone says the same thing- find your niche, fill a need, define your target audience, and create a memorable name and so on and so on.  This is where I would get stuck! For two years, this was as far as I got.  Absolutely no inspiration for any of the things that I “had to have” to start a blog.  Then this morning, in the shower (if you stick around, you will find that all great ideas happen in the shower or drying my hair), Classroom to Counseling and everything in between, was born.  That name summed up everything that I had been struggling with.  Teacher Blog, Counseling Blog, Lifestyle Blog?  I am all these things.  You can’t put this Baby in a corner! I am the complete sum of all my parts.  Wife, mother, teacher, school counselor, connoisseur of healthy living practices (let’s keep it real, I like the idea of healthy living, but find the reality entirely too difficult).

So here I am, 2017, finally starting a blog, focusing on teaching (my first career love), counseling (my new career love) and everything in between, because in our profession, who we are on the inside and what we do on the outside, directly impacts how we interact with those in our care.  

I am so excited to share, learn and grow with you!  I hope you join me on the journey!

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